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FIN-ish him! A pair of fish are playing Street Fighter II

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Fish play Street Fighter

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Dragon punch! Hadouken! (Credit: Fishplaystreetfighter on Twitch)

Twitch, which in the past year has become the go-to place for all sorts of gaming oddities, is currently hosting a live stream of the ongoing battle between Aquarius and his pal Robert the Bruce in a game of Street Fighter II.

Also, they are goldfish.

The “Fish Play Street Fighter” livestream is quickly becoming a sensation, with nearly 50,000 people tuning in to view the carnage.

Controllers, of course, don't do too well when they're submerged, and fish sadly (or luckily, for us) lack opposable thumbs. Instead, the producers rely on a motion tracking camera pointed at the fishbowl. The tank is segmented into nine areas, each mapped to a controller's inputs. As the fish swims through an area, the corresponding action occurs on screen.

The concept of watching fish try to play video games actually started a few weeks ago, when another Twitch stream showed a tank-dweller playing Pokemon.

With Pokemon, the fish didn't get much done (the player spent an inordinate amount of time wandering around their house), but the Street Fighter matchup is faring much better.

Aquarius and Robert the Bruce have enjoyed a series of spirited battles over the past three days. Aquarius dominated day one, winning 61 of the 99 matches. Robert the Bruce mounted a comeback on the 19th, though, taking 78 of the 154 games. By midday Wednesday, Robert was winning the majority of the bouts again.

They're not slaves to the grind, however. The fish take a rest between 5:30pm and 7:30am. Remember, folks, game responsibly.

Twitch kicked off the weird video game streaming craze earlier this year when a user launched a social experiment allowing thousands of gamers to control a single Pokémon trainer in the classic Pokémon Red/Blue. Before its appeal wore off (though it's technically still live now - playing Pokemon Stadium 2), over 64 million people had logged in to watch and/or play.

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