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Watch the Whistler Olympic village live on the Internet

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I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, or even why it's available, but if you want head on over to NBC's Olympic site and watch live footage of the Whistler Olympic village. There is no sound. There is only one camera which you have no control over. And there's not even that many people there yet.

I've had it open for at least 10 minutes, just popping over occasionally to see if anything's happening. Besides about 25 people wearing red jackets, there's nothing. I guess it could be good for keeping up-to-date on weather, and there's a miniscule chance you could see an Olympian walking around. But it's totally fascinating, especially in slow motion.

It's certainly worth checking out for just a few minutes, even if nothing happens. It's like being there, without being there. Let's hope this is available throughout the Olympics because I can imagine some pretty excellent party footage after the Games.

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