Usain Bolt is so fast you don't even know what he looks like

Pat Imig

Even though he's banned from competing in the Olympics for life, English sprinter Dwain Chambers has received gold medal-worthy media coverage in one Chinese publication.

On the day which later saw saw Bolt break his own world record, a full colour picture of Chambers looking pumped up and ready for action dominated the front page of the Beijing Youth Daily. The headline above the image read: 'Especially Special'.

The newspaper, which has a daily circulation of over half a million copies had meant to make a reference to Bolt in the run up to one of the most anticipated races of the Olympics. However, when it came to selecting an image it seems Chambers and Bolt (despite there being no distinct similarities) were confused.

I'm not sure how Chambers was confused for Usain Bolt, seeing as, you know, they don't look similar -- at all. Interestingly, Chambers isn't even in Beijing and is reportedly in Spain working on his autobiography. Must be that whole "lost in translation" thing.

As for Bolt, he's having a blast toying with the competition.

Bolt versus Roadrunner. Go ...

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