Usain Bolt already knows what he’s going to say when he sweeps Olympic sprints

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

The world's fastest man already has his victory speech written for Aug. 9, the night he plans on winning the 200 meters in London to cap his historic sprint double at consecutive Summer Olympics.

Usain Bolt, a man who wraps a Jamaican flag around him like it's Superman's cape, flexes like a mythological character before races and has as much confidence as breakaway speed, will surely have something memorable to say if he's already come up with it 45 days in advance.

It's not unreasonable for him to have his speech already written. Do you begrudge Meryl Streep when she does the same at the Oscars? Bolt won the 100 by 0.20 seconds in Beijing and the 200 by a staggering 0.66 seconds. He hasn't lost at any distance in two years. He's one of the surest things at the Olympics, behind overpriced merchandise and too-young Chinese gymnasts.

So what's the soon-to-be-historic words Bolt will utter on that London evening when his name goes down in history as one of the greatest sprinters of all time?

"'You are now looking at a living legend.' That's what I want to say," Bolt told The Sun.

Eh, nobody said he was Muhammad Ali.

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