United States women’s 4×100 relay team won by a lot (PHOTO)

Chris Chase

Little known fact: Every Olympic race is technically a photo finish, not just the ones that need a still photograph of the finish line to determine the winner.

Even if a race is a 0.59-second blowout and results in the defeating of an ancient world record set by a steroid-aided Eastern Bloc team, it gets a photo. Sometimes, that results in a delightful display of pictorial dominance.

Carmelita Jeter and the United States 4x100 relay team broke a 27-year-old East German world record by more than a half-second. The runner-up, Jamaica, was barely in the frame.

Enjoy, and compare it to some other photo finishes from the 2012 Olympics:

Men's 200:

Men's 100:

Women's 100:

Women's 200:

Men's 400 (the only one that can possibly compare):

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