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U.S.A.-China basketball game: Most watched sporting event ever?

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As you get ready to watch this morning's basketball game between the U.S. and China just know that you won't be alone. According to this report from the AP, over a billion (yes, that was a b) are expected to tune in to the game.

"That is going to be one of the most-watched games in sports history," U.S. forward Carmelo Anthony said. "It's going to be exciting."

I really can't imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like in that gym. President Bush is expected to be in attendance as well as thousands of screaming Chinese fans. I seriously doubt that Yao and company will be able to hang with the Americans, but with the rush of adrenaline that will be going through the Chinese players' bodies, you can't count them out.

For Coach K, the sheer magnitude of how many people will be watching this game seems to be overwhelming.

"How cool is it that we're going to play in a game that might be the most-viewed game in the history of sport? Come on," Krzyzewski said. "I remember growing up, inner city of Chicago, shooting at a basket in a schoolyard hoping that one person would watch me. And now I'm going to have a chance to coach my country's team in front of a billion people? Are you kidding?"

No pressure here Coach ... go get 'em!

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