Star Jones might be on the prowl in Beijing

Nick Friedell
July 26, 2008

Is there anyone at this summer's Olympics that has more to prove than Dwyane Wade?

Two years ago he was the king of the basketball world. He won an NBA championship, was named a Finals MVP, and became a national celebrity.

Oh, and he used to do stuff like this ...

Fast forward two years.

He's battled injuries off and on since the Finals. He was the main star on a Heat squad that had the worst record in the NBA. He's been the subject of trade rumors throughout the last few months, and he had to go through a very public divorce.

Worst of all, Wade had to fight off rumors that he was dating Star Jones.

Yeah, things could be better right now for D-Wade.

On the bright side, he did have 20 points to lead the Americans to an exhibition win over Canada last night. But, he still has a long way to go to get back to being in the Kobe/Lebron superstar category.

The Olympics will give him a chance to do just that. If he can lead the U.S. back to the top of the basketball world, he will ascend into that group once again.

With a gold medal around his neck, he might even be able to find a nice looking young lady on South Beach, instead of settling for an old cougar like this.