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Red Vancouver 2010 mittens are the 'must-have accessory'

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You've seen 'em during NBC's coverage of the Olympics. Whenever anybody waves to the camera, they're impossible to miss. Unfortunately, they're also impossible to find. They're the bright red Olympic mittens, and it seems like everybody wants them.

Since the Games began last week, online lookups on "olympic mittens" have been soaring. Related searches on "red olympic mittens," "canadian olympic mittens," and "where to buy olympic mittens" surged from nothing into breakout status in the Buzz. And, really, it's easy to understand the appeal. The mittens have a playful classic look, with the Canadian maple leaf on the palm. Plus, they cost only 10 Canadian dollars.

Well, they were only $10. Now that they seem to be sold out at most traditional outlets (or at least very difficult to come by), enterprising individuals have raised the price to double or more. The fact that celebrities like Cindy Crawford and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden have been seen sporting the mittens has only added to their appeal.

An AP writer recounted a quest to find a pair of the mittens around Vancouver. Everywhere the writer went, the "must-have accessory" was sold out. There are even reports of gloves being snatched up before they reach shelves. As another writer put it, everyone is "smitten for red mittens."

Millions of pairs have been sold so far, with no sign of the fervor slowing down. It's too bad the supply can't keep up with the demand. A USA Today article explains that the net proceeds from the mittens go toward supporting Canada's Olympic athletes.

If the sales keep going, expect Team Canada to rock some fancy equipment at the next Olympiad.

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