Find your Olympic athlete body match

Tiara Chiaramonte
Fourth-Place Medal

Could you have a swimmer's body like Michael Phelps? Or perhaps you have the body type for strength like Chinese weightlifter Lulu Zhou? Now you can find your Olympic athlete body match with BBC's new infographic.

The infographic allows you to input your height and weight, and then it generates an Olympic athlete that matches your body.

The data sample consists of all of Team Great Britain and 10 percent from all the other Olympic teams. It includes the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest athletes.

So if you're 5-5 and 130 pounds, your body match might be judo athlete Gemma Howell from Great Britain. Or if you're 6-2 and 200 pounds, you might be a match with cyclist Tory Nyhaug from Canada.

While the infographic may not be the perfect body type comparison, it certainly is fun.  Many bloggers are using it to find their Olympic crush by putting in their dream date's weight and height to find Olympian matches.

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