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Trey Kerby

Nicolas Cage makes the Olympics even better

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Nic Cage as Everyone was founded on the simple belief that "everything in life would be better with a little more Nic Cage." If you've seen "Con Air" then you surely agree.

And since the Olympics are included in "everything in life," a few brave souls have improved the Games by adding a little Nic Cage to your favorite athletes.

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For the record, that's Norwegian Cage, Nicolas Anton Ohno, and "Nicolas Weir." After seeing him in those curling pants, we can safely say that Nicolas Cage should be every Olympian.

In fact, they should make that adaptation for the next Olympics since he is a national treasure. I'd like to see two Nicolas Cage'd hockey players face off, knowing that whoever wins the rock can be gone in 60 seconds on their way to the goal.

Enough Nicolas Cage puns? Thought so.

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