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NBC should probably heed the advice of their viewers

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Monday we documented the poor reviews for Tiki Barber and the rest of the MSNBC "Olympic Update" program. As it turns out, the average fan is voicing displeasure with the quality of the program.

On MSNBC's message boards, Tiki and the crew are taking one on the proverbial chin.

anewvoicein08- Not only is the leather distracting, Jenna is sophmoric and Tiki is no orator.

Lainy625- Frankly I am appalled at the broadcast on the Olympic update that I just saw with Tiki Barber and Jenna Wolfe. This was the worst broadcast I have ever seen. I have worked in television truck for several years and have a good idea of what it takes to do a decent broadcast. From a television production point of view the whole broadcast was horrible, the graphics need to be updated, the talent needs to be better informed, the background noise needs to be taken out, and the information needs to be RELEVANT!

Softstep- i have to agree that the olympic update i just watched my have been the worst broadcast i have ever seen. tiki and jenna are so unprofessional! they seem to be constantly cracking jokes and taking shots at olympians shown on the screen. this is the olympics folks, i believe the athletes deserve a little respect.

For video evidence, we turn to Awful Announcing's clip of Jenna Wolfe forgetting that Tiki Barber never won a Super Bowl ring.

Awk. Ward.

And then we come to the most recent controversial gaffe:Tiki pondering if Jamaican athletes are doping. Naturally, that didn't go over well.

LouiLa Touche- In today's report Tikki brought up the issue of drug use and tied it to the male and female Jamaican athletes. He did not mention that Usain Bolt was a 400 meter youth world champion at 15 yrs old. He did not mention that over the years US athletes (not Jamaicans) have been exposed for their drug use. He did not mention that at least one of the US athletes in the 100 meters women has tested positive for drugs in the past. TIkkI! Could it be that now that more testing is being done and more athletes are forced to go clean, the true champions are on the podium? I think so!

Tiki should probably quit digging now before that hole continues to get deeper.

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