The London Olympic ticket scandal is shocking!

Chris Chase

What's the biggest surprise from The Sunday Times' exclusive report (subscription required) into the seedy world of the black market for Olympic tickets?

• The Serbian Olympic officials who put 1,500 comped tickets up for sale and promised to falsify passports in order to get away with it?

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• An Israeli swimmer who offered undercover reporters 22 prime tickets to the 100-meter final for more than $100,000?

• A boastful Greek official (are there any other kind?) who said he told Sebastian Coe to give him more tickets because there was high demand in Greece?

• That Coe actually believed there was high demand in Greece?

• An organizer for New York's failed Olympic bid who encouraged the reporters to engage in some fraud of their own?

• That official IOC policy allows a markup of 20 percent on tickets?

• That the IOC has threatened "strong sanctions" pending an investigation?

• This quote, from the aforementioned Serbian official as he lit a cigarette and discussed plans to sell the 1,500 seats? "You know this is not legal to do," he said. "Officially, I'm telling honestly, this is not according to rules . . . but we invest too much money and I don't care."

• Or that anyone, anywhere is surprised by any shady news that comes from the unscrupulously corrupt Olympic committees, both international and national?

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