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The legend of Canada's 'Lucky Loonie'

Fourth-Place Medal

If you've been doing your homework for the Vancouver Olympics, you already know what a loonie is. If not, it's a quick lesson. A loonie is a slang term for a one dollar coin in Canada that's emblazoned with a loon. Hence, loonie.

But have you heard of the "Lucky Loonie?" Me neither.

Apparently at the 2002 Winter Olympics, a Canadian ice maker needed a mark for referees to aim at when dropping the puck since the large center ice logo didn't include the traditional circle. And it couldn't be visible to television cameras. His solution was a loonie under the ice. When Canada won the gold medal in both men's and women's hockey, a legend was born.

After being retrieved by Canada's manager Wayne Gretzky, the loonie has been on display in Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame. But now they want fans from all over to bring luck to the Canadian hockey teams by touching the lucky loonie. It was unveiled by hockey legend Don Cherry at this hilarious photo op.

"Any finger but your middle one." Excellent.

Were I in Toronto, I'd make it a point to go rub the lucky loonie, even if it meant the US didn't win gold. I'd also get some peameal and stop by XO Karaoke, but that's beside the point.

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