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Maggie Hendricks

The latest in ambush marketing? Illegal drugs, of course!

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Both the U.S. and International Olympic Committees have taken a hard line on so-called ambush marketers, businesses who try to make money off of the Olympics without paying for the right to do so. They've even filed a lawsuit against Subway. What will the brass at the USOC say about drug dealers cashing in on the Olympics?

That's exactly what happened in Nova Scotia. Authorities seized nearly 12,000 brightly colored ecstasy pills -- some branded with the Olympic rings -- near Halifax on Tuesday.

"This typifies the marketing savvy used by organized crime groups to attract young customers by incorporating brightly coloured modern pop-culture symbols," Const. Curt Foley said in a news release Wednesday.

Foley said "large quantities" of the tablets were stamped with the Olympic ring logo, but didn't say how many. He said each tablet sells for between $8 and $10 on the street.

It's impressive to see that everyone in Canada -- even the criminals -- have gotten into the spirit of the Olympics. Higher, faster, stronger!

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