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Justin Bieber is not amused by ‘Loser keeps Bieber’ wager

Fourth-Place Medal

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Justin Bieber, teen idol and amateur car racer, is beloved by many and the cause of annoyance for many, many more. The Canadian native has called the United States home for the last few years, but Americans have looked to return him to his native land, with over 250,000 signing a White House petition asking for his deportation.

The White House has refused to act on Bieber’s deportation, forcing Americans to try increasingly desperate measures to urge him back north of the border.

Before the Team USA-Canada semifinal hockey game a large billboard in Chicago decided to place a wager. The billboard featured Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane (playing for the U.S. ) and Jonathan Toews (representing Canada) with the words “Loser keeps Bieber” sprawling across the bottom.

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Well, after the U.S.’s devastating loss to Canada, it looked like Bieber was going to stay put.

Unfortunately, Bieber did not find the bet funny, and he took to Twitter to broadcast his grievances.

While it’s not certain that Bieber was specifically referring to the billboard, his tweet was shared over 140,000 times and many of his fans responded in support.

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