Hey Jude! Olympic fans have impromptu sing-a-long while waiting for Javelin train (VIDEO)

Greg Wyshynski
July 28, 2012

LONDON — Fans leaving the London Olympic Opening Ceremony jammed mass transit early Saturday morning, including at the Stratford International Station near the Olympic Village. That's where fans snaked around metal barriers to reach the high-speed Javelin train.

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Before they could queue up, they had to wait at the top of a large staircase in the Westfield Shopping Centre; and they were held there until lines near the station decreased. So what do dozens of fans still on an Opening Ceremony contract high do in that situation? Sing-a-long!

That was "Hey Jude" and "My Way," as performed by a group of people who should be way more crabby about having to wait for a train.

Such is the Olympic spirit. Or at least the Olympic spirit on opening night.

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