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Trey Kerby

Google unveils an excellent Winter Olympics tracker

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If you're looking for a fun way to experience this year's Olympics, this small start-up company called Google has recently unveiled an Internet website that will allow you to track results, check event times, and ski the slopes in Whistler virtually. Yes, you read that right.

By using a snowmobile equipped with cameras and sophisticated GPS tracking devices, Google's Street View has re-created the routes that the skiers and snowboarders will be taking as they strive for gold. Additionally, each competition venue is available in pictures (Street View) or as a 3-D rendering (Google Earth). It's like being there without being there.

Furthermore, Google has started a picture album of some images taken from their snowmobile camera, and they're allowing anyone to contribute to the album, just by tagging their photos "wintergames2010." Nothing bad will come of that, I'm sure.

It's really a cool tool for getting a feel for what the Olympics environment is like. You even get to see for yourself just how not snowy it is there. And while they won't bring you the pithy commentary you need, it's fun. Give it a whirl.

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