Five reasons guys should tune in to men's figure skating

Tuesday night, the men's figure skating competition kicks off with the short program, and considering the ratings that the pairs competition brought, plenty of Americans will tune in. But will the beer-swilling, blog-reading, sports-talk-listening guys be on board? If you're one of them, here's why you should tune in.

The athleticism rivals that of wide receivers, safeties, and shooting guards. Try to wrap your mind around the ability it takes to take off from one leg, whip your body around three or four times, and land on one skate. Not only that, you have to have perfect form, and land on a particular edge of your skate. Could Chad Ochocinco do that?

Speaking of shooting guards, one of the top Americans has something in common with Kobe and the Lakers. Evan Lysacek, the defending world champion, works out in the same facility as the Lakers, and an interesting bond has been formed.

This is one of the deepest fields you're likely to see in years. In Tuesday night's field, you'll see an Olympic champion, world champions, world medalists, and Olympic medalists. Both Tuesday night's short program and Thursday's free skate are likely to be history-making. You know how a buddy will give you a heads-up in the middle of a no-hitter? That's what I'm doing for you now.

Evgeni Plushenko is a textbook villain. Every sport needs its heel, and Plushenko fills that role nicely. The Russian whines often, complains about every little thing, and talks trash often. If that's not enough, he's very skilled and has a strong shot at repeating as Olympic champion.

It will win you points with your lady: If you've been sitting on the couch watching hockey all day, what better way to score points than to say, "Honey, let's watch figure skating. I can't wait to see if Lysacek's foot is strong enough to throw the quad!"