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Fidel Castro also not a fan of Olympic judges

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Other than an affinity for cigars and a knack for surviving bungled CIA coup attempts, Fidel Castro and I don't have much in common. But on one topic we can agree: Olympic judging is a joke.

After watching two of his country's boxers succumb to (perceived) judging error, Castro wrote today:

It's a good thing no Cuban gymnasts were involved in the gymnastics judging controversy; Fidel was liable to have cut off Sino-Cuban trade relations following the awarding of the bronze medal to Cheng Fei.

Castro also defended Cuba's face-kicking taekwondo athlete, Angel Matos, by saying Matos was "predisposed and indignant" after an unjust disqualification. The 82-year old First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party then vaguely mentioned that Matos' coach was offered a bribe, but didn't explain why anybody would offer a bribe to the coach of someone who karate-kicked a referee in the grill. (Maybe to prevent Matos from giving Jacques Rogge a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse, perhaps?)

Cuba won just four gold medals in Beijing, down from nine in Athens.

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