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Even Craig Sager is subjected to an Olympic dress code

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If this was your first time seeing NBC's Craig Sager this morning, you probably thought he was just like every other sideline reporter in the business. He interviewed several people throughout the U.S.-China basketball game and gave updates whenever needed. For veteran NBA fans though, something about Sager's performance seemed a little off ... he was actually dressed up in a polo and khaki pants.

Sager has created a name for himself over the last two decades as being one of the best sports reporters in the business, but he has also gotten a lot attention because of the outlandish clothing he usually wears on the air. As you can see from this picture (taken during last year's NBA All-Star Weekend), nothing is off limits when it comes to Sager's wardrobe choices.

That's why I was shocked when I saw Sager for the first time on television today. There he was dressed in an Olympic polo, I couldn't believe my eyes. The NBC execs must have put a clause in his contract that if he wore any of his regular suits on camera, they would send him home.

I've got to say I'm disappointed though. I thought for sure when they kicked it to Sager for the first time he would be dressed in some sort of sequined red, white and blue number. Hopefully, NBC will come to its senses and allow Craig to wear whatever he wants.

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