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Chris Chase

Eight Olympic facts about Brett Favre

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

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After an interminable and often contentious wait, the day finally arrived. We can now set aside all the controversy and ill-feelings in favor of a concentrated focus on sport. It was a bumpy road, but we're finally at the dawn of a new day in one of the world's biggest and brightest cities. Let the games begin; Brett Favre is now a New York Jet.

Broadway's newest favorite son never competed in the Olympics, but he has his ties to the Games. On this, the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the eighth (minus six) millennium, Fourth-Place Medal presents eight Olympic facts about Brett Favre.

1) Favre was just traded to the New York Jets, who share a home stadium with the New York Giants, a team whose cornerback -- Aaron Ross -- is married to the U.S. women's 400-meter champion, Sanya Richards. On a side note, Brett Favre also met Kevin Bacon once.

2) If boyish enthusiasm and loving a sport were Olympic events, Brett Favre would have 93 gold medals.

3) It is well-known that in 1894 when Pierre de Coubertin created the Olympic motto -- faster, higher, stronger -- he was picturing a rugged, 6'2" Mississippian wearing Wrangler Jeans.

4) Brett Favre once banned his daughter from accessing the Internet.

5) The Atlanta Falcons drafted Favre in the second-round of the 1991 Draft. Five years later, Atlanta hosted an Olympic Games. Coincidence? Ha!

6) Favre is a legend in Green Bay. China has a place named Jiaozhou Bay.

7) John Madden also loves the Olympics.

8) The Beijing Games will last for two weeks, the same amount of time it will take New Yorkers to turn on Favre.

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