Derek Redmond’s father to take part in Olympic torch relay

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

Derek Redmond's 400-meter run during the 1992 Olympics tugged at our heart strings, as his father helped him finish the race after Redmond pulled his hamstring. Actually, just let Morgan Freeman tell you what happened.

Now, the organizers of the London Olympics will honor Redmond's father and his inspirational act of fatherhood. Jim Redmond will take part in the Olympic torch relay. Derek joked that he will be around in case Jim needs help competing his run.

"But I am not going to break down because I intend to be the slowest person. (Derek) didn't win the race and created a lot of attention afterwards so I have no intention of finishing too quickly. I want to be the last one because I will get more coverage."

Kudos to the London organizers for saluting such a transcendent moment of the Olympics that reminds us why we tune in to watch every four years. Jim Redmond's run with the flame is a tribute to all the parents who support their children in pursuing their Olympic dreams.

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