Create-a-Caption: Smile, Frank!

Trey Kerby
February 26, 2010

It's okay to let a smile out every once in a while, Frank Carroll. When your pupil Mirai Nigasu is this excited, you should at least let her know you've got her back. It's just a smile! It'll make you happy with endorphins. Best caption wins some Aquafresh for Kids toothpaste.

Previously, The circle of life.

Gold, Suebert: "For this wonderous victory, I offer thee my first born. As agreed."

Silver, Phil Wood: "Despite the controversy over replacing the t-shirt cannon, fans still support and enjoy the inclusion of the baby catapult at the Olympic games."

Bronze, L4NkYb: "Woman to man: 'You better put Sidney down. He's got a game in a few hours!'"