Clever billboard from Durex wins gold medal for Olympics advertising

The best advertisement of the London Olympics probably isn't Kellogg's clever "Swimmer" commercial celebrating the journey rather than the destination or Nike's latest epic reminding us there's greatness in everyone.

Those aren't nearly as memorable as the hilarious billboard condom purveyor Durex put up in London this week.

The billboard features condoms organized in the shape of the five Olympic rings and the slogan, "Usain — not every man wants to be the fastest in the world." A picture of the billboard tweeted a few days ago has since been retweeted more than 1,700 times.

Durex, of course, is the official condom supplier of the Games providing 150,000 to the Olympic Village alone. That's more than 15 per athlete — which suggests that Olympians don't always save their energy for the competitions as much as you'd expect.

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