Charles Hamelin has a cool Olympic rings tattoo on his back

Kevin Kaduk
Fourth-Place Medal
Charles Hamelin Tattoo
(Photo via @nickpardoncbc)

Canadian speedskating champion Charles Hamelin might be a post-race Romeo, but he sports a much grittier look underneath his suit. Here's the industrial-looking tattoo that Hamelin says sends the message "I've been made to race at the Olympics and win medals."                                                                                   

Hopefully the IOC doesn't get wind of this and demand a licensing fee. 

All kidding aside, Hamelin has done more than enough to back up his ink. His gold-medal win in Monday's 1500m event brought his career gold medal total to three. (He was Canada's only multiple gold-medal winner in Vancouver and he also has a silver medal to his name.) 

"I'm another person when I'm on the ice," Hamelin said before the games. "I don't make any gift to anyone on the ice. Everyone is my rival — even if it's my brother ... It just shows a little bit of what I am on the ice and off the ice."

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