is a treasure trove of hilarity

Chris Chase
August 4, 2008

The official website of nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis,, is like a model house. It looks impressive enough on the outside, but when you start poking around you realize that nothing works and the TV is made of plastic. is filled with videos, bios, blogs that haven't been updated since January 2007 and pictures of Carl Lewis is various states of dress and undress. It's pretty much everything you wouldn't want your official website to be. Clearly, Lewis and his people once hired someone to create a nice, easy-to-navigate site, but then lost interest, stopped performing updates and allowed it to fall into a state of hilarious neglect.

Here's the link; I highly - HIGHLY - recommend taking a few minutes out of your day and browsing around the site. I never like following tour guides at museums, preferring to explore on my own. I recommend you do the same here, as can mean so many things to so many different people. But whatever you do, please be sure to check out Carl's acting reel (assuming you're OK with not safe for work language).

In the meantime, here's something Carl and his handlers chose not to put on It's understandable, I guess, but it's not like this video is any more embarrassing than most of the content on