The Canadian women's curling team knows how to celebrate

Trey Kerby

The Canadian women's curling team seems pretty cool. For one, they're expected to take home the gold in Vancouver, which is nice. Plus, they recently beat their rivals to actually qualify as the Canadian team for the Olympics, and that has to be a great feeling. But the coolest thing about the Canadian women's curling team is the way they celebrated that win — with tattoos.

After making a pact a few years back, 43-year-old skip Cheryl Bernard, along with teammates Cori Bartel and Susan O'Connor, all got matching tattoos of the Olympic rings and a tiny red maple leaf on their inner forearms. Apparently this is some kind of trend, as another Canadian curling team got the same tattoo on their ankles to celebrate the 2006 Olympics.

Bernard is happy with the tattoo, telling the Canadian Press, "I'm like, if I'm ever going to get a tattoo, this is going to be the one I wanted. It's something even my grandmother would approve of." But Bernard won't be adding to her artwork. "It hurt a lot. Someone asked me if I win a medal if I intend to add to it and the answer is no." Sounds like a gold medal is a sufficient souvenir.