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Canada's McIvor walks the talk in women's ski cross

Fourth-Place Medal

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Seven of the many reasons why it's awesome for Canada that Ashleigh McIvor won the inaugural women's ski cross:

1. Getting closer: McIvor's win in women's ski cross leaves Canada only one gold medal behind the U.S., 7-6. The IOC considers the country which wins the most golds to have quote, unquote won the Games.

Of Canada's 11 medals, five have come in action sports held on Cypress Mountain. That is not even counting Jeff Montgomery in men's skeleton.

2. Hometown pride: As a native of Pemberton, B.C., the 26-year-old McIvor was competing in what amounts to her hometown. The Toronto Star related that as a teen, she was standing in the village square in Whistler in the summer of 2003 when it was announced the Games were coming to her backyard.

3. Forcing fate: McIvor has her ski technician trained to say, "Have fun" instead of the standard, "Good luck!" before races, which flies in the face of ski cross' randomness. However, it seems like a lot of the racers use that as an out, so it's nice to see one who realizes it is about talent.

Like she told CTV, "I felt like I was meant to be here today." Sure, easy enough to say that after a win, but it also seems to have been put into practice.

4. Adversity overcome: McIvor has had, by one estimate, more than 20 shoulder dislocations, including one during training for first ski cross event, an X Games qualifier six years ago. As if that was going to stop her. One can only assume it was a pick-me-up for her boyfriend, Chris Del Bosco, who finished a tough fourth in the men's event.

5. No dancing around the obvious: Her team's conditioning coach, Dave Ellis, is in the running for all-time profound understatement: "“I’m sure it helps that she’s photogenic."

McIvor added 15 pounds of muscle for this season. Ideally, she would stress that while promoting healthful lifestyles to youth.

6. Contradictory talking points. Middle-aged journalists get to tell you again how ski cross is "wild," failing to add how it was, then, that then the most consistent skier ended up winning.

7. Put that in your Funk and Wagnalls: Canada is the ski-crossiest country in the world!

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