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Fourth-Place Medal

  • Oscar Pistorius vomits in court during descriptions of girlfriend's autopsy

    Fourth-Place Medal1 mth ago

    Oscar Pistorius, on trial in Pretoria, South Africa for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp,was overcome on Monday during testimony about Steenkamp's autopsy. Pistorius vomited during descriptions of the wounds she suffered when Pistorius shot her through a closed door on Valentine's Day 2013.

    Pistorius is accused of murdering Steenkamp. He contends that he believed she was an intruder and shot through a closed bathroom door in self-defense.

    The court prohibited journalists on the scene from writing or broadcasting in any detail as University of Pretoria pathologist Gert Saayman described in detail the mortal wounds Steenkamp suffered. Steenkamp was shot in the top right of her head, the right elbow, the right hip, and the webbing of her left hand.

    Saayman himself had requested that the testimony be blocked from public view: "I think that it goes against the good morals of society for us to make information of this nature available in a manner that vulnerable or unsuspecting people in society may be exposed," he said.

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