Amazing 95-year-old Bronx sprinter sets world track record

Chris Chase
February 22, 2011

Ida Keeling may be 95 years old, but she looks, acts and runs like a woman 20 years her junior.

The Bronx native set a world record last week by running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds, the fastest time ever for a 95-year-old. Setting records is nothing new for Keeling. Three years ago she broke the mark for the fastest sprint ever by a runner over the age of 90.

Keeling started running in 1983 when she was a spry 67. Even then, she says she was the oldest person around. Her daughter convinced her to take up the sport after her two sons were killed in drug-related incidents and her husband died of a heart attack. Since then, she has been competing in meets across the globe.

When she's not running in the corridors of her apartment or on the track, Keeling said she eats well and lifts weights to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

"My secret is, feel good about yourself [and] have a good attitude about yourself," she told ABC News. "I just close my eyes and say count your blessings, Ida. Count your blessings. Stay alert and focus and that's it."

That's sage advice for folks of any age.

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