A young lady serenades American ski slopestyle medalist Nick Goepper in hopes of winning a date

Graham Watson

Nick Goepper, an American ski slopestyle bronze medalist whose smiling face currently resides on a limited edition Corn Flakes box, is looking for love.

Goepper posted an ad on his various social media accounts asking for offers to be his Valentine and offering to fly the winner to him for a date. On Saturday, he posted his clubhouse favorite:

Meet Lauren Borkowski, a talented young woman who wants nothing more than to be Goepper’s Valentine.

The chorus that might have won Goepper’s heart goes a little something like this:

“Oooo, Nick Goepper, I’m coming in switch, I’ll do anything to be the girl you pick. Oooo, Nick Goepper, it’s never too late to take me on a Valentine’s date.”

Goepper posted the song on his Twitter account with the words: “This is going to be a hard one to top.”

It’s actually kinda catchy.

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Sadly, Borkowski doesn’t have the voice of Taylor Swift, the girl Goepper hoped would notice him, but you have to appreciate her putting herself out there for not only Goepper’s 56,000 Twitter followers, but now, the rest of the Internet.

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