Fourth-Place Medal

  • Appeal denied: Russian athletes officially banned from Paralympics

    Ben Rohrbach at Fourth-Place Medal1 day ago

    Restrictions are officially even more severe for Russia’s Paralympians than the country’s Olympians.

    Following the McLaren report’s exposure of a state-sponsored Russian doping program, the International Olympic Committee still cleared 278 Russians for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but the International Paralympic Committee wasn’t so kind, completely banning the country’s competitors.

    Upon the Russian Paralympic Committee’s appeal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the IPC’s decision Tuesday, according to BBC. Russia will be excluded when the Paralympics begin Sept. 7.

    The IOC came under fire after turning over the fate of Russian Olympians to the federations for each individual sport, rather than follow the World Anti-Doping Agency’s recommendation of a full ban. The Russians claimed 56 medals at the Olympics, including 19 gold, to finish fourth in the medal count.

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