15-year-old Aussie snowboarder nabs Olympic nod

Trey Kerby

What were you doing when you were 15?

If you were anything like me, you were doing your best to convince your mom and dad to let you drive on your learner's permit, wearing regrettable hairstyles, and watching wrestling on pay-per-view.

Not Scott James. He's going to the Olympics. Advantage: Scott James.

Following an injury to Australia's top snowboarder, old-timer (19) Nate Johnstone, James left a family vacation in his home country, travelled 30 hours, took a nap, and turned in his best ever finish in a World Cup event to qualify for the national team. You know, typical kid stuff.

Back in his younger days, when he was still called "Scotty," James swept every major international junior's snowboarding competition, so his Olympics bid isn't terribly surprising. It's just four years ahead of schedule, according to his father.

James is set to become the youngest Australian Olympian in 50 years, and the youngest male competitor in the country's history. However, this post may soon become irrelevant as both Matt Graham (81 days younger) and Britteny Cox (61 day younger) could get invitations to the games if Australia receives any additional places due to withdrawals.

Something must be in the Vegemite down under.