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Watch Tyler Toffoli call his dad after Cup win, live on CBC (Video)

Watching Tyler Toffoli play in these Stanley Cup playoffs, outmuscling opponents for pucks in the corners, and making major contributions on his line with Jeff Carter and Tanner Pearson, it was easy to forget that he's only 22 years old. He's just a kid.

And, like most kids, when something exciting happens, Toffoli called his dad. Pulled aside by Scott Oake for an interview as his teammates celebrated their second Stanley Cup win in two years on the Staples Center ice, Toffoli turned around to reveal that he was on the phone with Old Man Toffoli. What followed was an adorable conversation that you should probably just watch:

"Dad! Dad! Woo hoo hoo hoo! Dad! Dad!"

You don't even need to hear the other side of that conversation, but here's what we can deduce. Toffoli's dad is watching his son talk to him on Hockey Night in Canada, and somehow can't process it enough to get off the phone. Someone is running down the streets of Scarborough. Everyone involved is geeked out of their mind. 

"I'll call you later," Toffoli laughs. "That's awesome". It really is.

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