Fight Video: Watch Trevor Gillies handle Jon Mirasty for TKO victory

Sean Leahy
October 22, 2012

When Jon Mirasty was with Vityaz of the KHL last season, he and his buddy Jeremy Yablonski laid waste to many a challenger as the pair, along with Kip Brennan and Nick Tarnasky, piled up a whopping 784 penalty minutes earning quite the reputation wherever they traveled.

Mirasty, Brennan and Tarnasky moved on from Vityaz over the summer, so to help replace all those fighting majors the team brought in noted goon Trevor Gillies. On Monday, Vityaz faced off against Mirasty's Barys. And while Yablonski did not suit up, Mirasty and Gillies did and the pair dropped the gloves just 2:28 into the opening period.


As you'll notice, Mirasty wasn't smiling this time around while getting punched in the face as Gillies earned the TKO. It's also pretty clear that Mirasty suffered some sort of head injury judging by his short skate to the penalty box and his lengthy, lengthy fight card.

The game was built up with the hope that old teammates, Yablonski and Mirasty, would take center stage, but Yablonski being out killed those thoughts. There's always next time as the two sides meet again on Dec. 3.

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