Marc-Andre Fleury surrenders embarrassing goal on slapshot from center ice (Video)

Harrison Mooney
October 19, 2013

It's been a rough stretch for goalies in the NHL. Last Saturday, Roberto Luongo surrendered one of the worst shorthanded own-goals in hockey history. On Thursday night, Jonathan Bernier handed the Carolina Hurricanes the easiest game-winning goal they're going to get all year.

And on Saturday, Marc-Andre Fleury joined the ugly gaffe club, because of course he did. Tested by an Alex Edler shot from just past centre ice, Fleury stood up and let it hit him in the chest, only to see the puck jump straight up and then drop in behind him and roll in.

1-0 Canucks. Yikes. One suspects Fleury will discuss this with his sports psychologist.

This is uncharacteristic for Fleury. It's not the playoffs. Or, in the case of Tommy Salo, who famously surrendered an almost identical goal in the semifinals of the 2002 Olympics:

Augh... still awful to watch.

Anyway. Maybe Fleury was just welcoming Edler back to the lineup? After all, the Vancouver Canucks defender missed the last three games with a suspension. Or maybe it's the bad ice.

You've gotta feel a little for Fleury -- he's been playing well to open the season, but this will give fresh fuel to all the questions surrounding him. This is not what's normally supposed to happen when the opposition tests a goaltender from the red line.

Fortunately, Sidney Crosby got the bad goal back shortly thereafter, as is tradition in Pittsburgh.

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