Watch a fight break out in the stands behind Jonathan Quick in Game 4 (Video)

Partway through the second period of the Chicago Blackhawks' Game 4 win over the Los Angeles Kings, a fight broke out at the Staples Center. In the stands. Between spectators.

Now, that's not completely out of the ordinary. These things happen. But it's not every day that they happen in the expensive seats down by the glass, where the camera tracking the play is able to pick them up:

Two thoughts: 1) The guy with his back to the play is throwing haymakers. 2) Who says there's no fighting in the playoffs?

Here's another clip, via The Big Lead:

Nutty. There were more shots here than the Kings could muster in the third period -- which is to say, there were at least three.

One more clip, via reader Katey Berman:

As luck would have it, friend of the blog The Royal Half was seated near the action.

Unfortunately, so was a frightened little girl:

Eventually, she returned to her seat, to the encouragement of those around her:

"That fight in the front row was legitimately the worst fight I’ve seen from fans," TRH said later on Twitter. "In the middle of row, security couldn’t get to them."

We'll assume that eventually security did, however, and that these idiots were escorted out.