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Watch Evgeny Artyukhin bloody Pakhrutdin Gimbatov in Donbass Cup (FIGHT VIDEO)

Greg Wyshynski
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Former Tampa Bay Lightning winger and human wrecking ball Evgeny Artyukhin knows his way around an international incident, be it his role in a circus between Finland and Russia at the Czech Games or continuing his carnage at the IIHF World Championships.

At the Donbass Open Cup this week — incidentally, a hockey tournament in Ukraine and not a fly-fishing series on NBC Sports Network — SKA's Artyukhin fought Pakhrutdin Gimbatov of Severstal. See if you can figure out who won the bout. (Hint: It's not the guy bleeding on the ice at the end, whose name looks like an appetizer at an Indian restaurant.)

Ouch. Never step in front of the A-Train.

Gimbatov was sent to the trainers' room to get stitched up, as a teammate served his 5-minute major. Said Severstal Coach Andrei Nazarov, whose team won 3-1, via Sports-Express (and in web-translated glory):

Why your soldier Gimbatov fight with Artyukhin already in the 2nd minute of the match?

Pahruddin - young, promising, arrogant hockey player. Probably the most powerful player SKA in his eyes - a good stimulus. Guys grappled, waved slightly.

By and by the way: The most memorable thing about this fight clip might be the odd reaction shots during the brawl, like when they cut to the disapproving coach and then to that giant, hulking fan who enthusiastically pumps his fists while making his arm fat jiggle like grandma's (about 35 seconds in). That guy ruled.

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