Watch Darryl Sutter's painfully awkward press conference after Game 6 (Video)

Harrison Mooney

The Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks gave us a Game 6 for the ages Friday night, turning in a fast-paced, high-stakes, back-and-forth affair that had the denizens of the hockey world on the edge of their seats for all 60 minutes. One wonders if anything the NHL gives us in June will top the way May ended. From an entertainment standpoint, the third period of Game 6 may have been where the 2013-14 season peaked. 

Which is perhaps why Darryl Sutter seemed so uninterested in conducting a compelling postgame press conference. Why bother? It'd be like following The Walking Dead with a show where people just talk about it. 

Seriously, try your best not to cringe as he sucks the air out of this room. It's an absolute marvel to watch. This clip is a minute long. It feels never-ending.   

"What did you say to your team after the loss tonight?"

"Fly at 11."

"How do you shut [Kane] down in Game 7?"

"We'll do our best..." *eight seconds of horrible, uncomfortable silence*

The Kings' head coach was practically the antidote to an evening that had everyone buzzing, bringing the people down from the game's dizzying heights in seconds flat. This was Sutter at his most Suttery, just sucking the air out of the room with awkward, one-sentence answers. He just wanted out of there. So did everyone else. You can feel the discomfort in the room.

I mean, my god, that bit on resilience. It seems like an outtake from season 1 of The Office.