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Greg Wyshynski

Video: The unofficial pizza of the Pittsburgh Penguins

We received a ton of feedback from our "PizzaGate!" story yesterday, regarding Pittsburgh Penguins winger Petr Sykora's comment in his postgame press conference. He claimed he consumed Domino's Pizza between overtime periods to gas up, when he actually ate Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch's brand, Little Caesars. It was a goofy non-story; and yeah, there's every chance Sykora might have been joking. But the joke was lost on plenty of media that have now included the "fueled by Domino's Pizza" story in with the "he called his shot!" legend.

We're not trying to be Snopes over here or anything, but we thought a little debunking was in order. Even if the whole thing was rather silly.

But in the end, it's all just nonsense, and nothing captures that spirit better than this commercial spoof by Hooper119 of YouTube; who admits that "Little Caesars is a Detroit based company and, despite the fact that their pizzas are awesome, I had to put them down for the sake of the Penguins and Pittsburgh."

No, sir: You're the one that's awesome, for this:

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