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Video: Uh, we believe it's pronounced 'Bettman' and not ‘Buttman'

Greg Wyshynski
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During the Tampa Bay Lightning's 6-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday night, Bolts TV host Paul Kennedy told the viewers to stay tuned for a chat with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Alas, he used the Manitoban pronunciation:

Immediately, the speculation about this slip-up turned to the Canadian-produced comedy film "Bon Cop, Bad Cop," in which Mr. Buttman played a prominent role. From ESPN:

The fictional killer's ultimate target is none other than Harry Buttman, the league's diminutive, often-abrasive American commissioner. Yes, they did go there. Adding insult to injury, the filmmakers cast a genuine midget to play the role of Bettman -- er, Buttman. Even for a hardened heart such as ours, that was a little too cruel.

Perhaps. Although Kennedy has been with Sun Sports since 1992 and was "the Voice of the Crimson Tide," we're unsure of his familiarity with Canadian cinema ... although we have a creeping suspicion we know how he feels about the commissioner.

Speaking of Bettman, in case you haven't seen it, we said he won't answer Mario Lemieux's criticisms of the league's response to the Penguins/Islanders brawl: "I have the utmost respect and regard for Mario Lemieux, but we're not going to engage in a public debate on this."

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