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Greg Wyshynski

Video: Shoving ref for fight an easy path to 15-game suspension

Greg Wyshynski
Puck Daddy

The Leafs section of Fan Dome posted this line brawl video between the International Hockey League's Muskegon Lumberjacks and Fort Wayne Komets from Oct. 31, and it's pretty much the expected chaos until the 55-second mark. That's when a linesman makes the mistake of trying to get between Komets forward Brad MacMillan and the target of his fists.

From the News-Sentinel, it appears the IHL frowns upon their officials getting tossed like rag dolls by goons (in which case Colton Orr(notes) is lucky to be a marginal NHL player):

International Hockey League Vice President of Hockey Operations Brad Jones suspended MacMillan 15 games on Monday for his part in Saturday's altercation against Muskegon. MacMillan left the penalty box and pushed a linesman out of the way to fight Lumberjacks' Jason Lawmaster.

Muskegon's Robin Big Snake was suspended for 12 games and MacMillan, Big Snake and Lawmaster all received undisclosed fines. During their suspensions, the players continue to count against a team's salary cap and 20-man active roster. They continue to receive their salaries.

"It's not a surprise," MacMillan said. "I knew I was getting suspended, but I'm a little disappointed by the fact that Lawmaster gets no suspension out of this. I wouldn't have changed anything I did besides not touching the official."

As mentioned, the Komets are upset that Lumberjacks player Lawmaster wasn't suspended for his actions in the fight. During that brawl, the Komets' Lincoln Kaleigh Schrock also fought Muskegon's John DiPace as well.

Robin Big Snake. Jason Lawmaster. Lincoln Kaleigh Schrock. Sorry, but when did the IHL become the character list from a cheesy 1980s sci-fi fantasy film?

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