Video: So this is what happens when the Penguins win the Cup

Greg Wyshynski
September 3, 2009

The Pensblog dropped us a line recently about a commercial they were shooting for the 2009-10 season. Naturally, we assumed it would end up looking like outtakes from a snuff film with an occasional Max Talbot(notes) jersey randomly appearing. Turns out it's a whip-smart parody of those NFL Network "four months ago" ads, featuring an all-star cast of Pittsburgh Penguins loyalists:

Involved in the making of this are The Pensblog knuckleheads, the Puck Huffers (from our "5 Reasons I Love Hockey" series), Mikey from 96.1 KISS-FM and Benson from, who created that incredible "How To Choose Your Playoff Beard" parody ad during the playoffs. The only way it can get more Pittsburgh is if they showed a sandwich from Primanti Brothers and the Pirates dumping a salary.

It manages to cram slaps at the Detroit Red Wings, Marian Hossa(notes), popped collars and electoral politics into 44 seconds. Not bad.

The Pensblog promises this is the first in a series, which should be fair warning for the rest of the world. We expect this will usher in a new era in hockey blogging, in which preseason promotional commercials are released en masse. We'd have the Puck Daddy one completed already if Leahy would just get over himself and climb into the bathtub next to mine, so we can hold hands and look over a cliff together. Puritanical doofus ...