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Video: The fan glory of making the center ice intermission shot

Sean Leahy
Puck Daddy

The between periods entertainment of watching fans attempt to shoot a puck between a very tiny hole in a plywood board is an easy way to get the crowd involved. Majority of the fans in attendance help the puck along through cheering, while a few knuckleheads in the cheap seats critique the shooting form of the participants.

And just about every time the fans fail in their attempt. But last weekend at Bemidji State, three lucky contestants nailed their shots in one weekend during the Paul Bunyan Communications and Naylor's Hockey Hot Shots promotion:

Both attempts on Saturday night were made back-to-back by Ben Shanahan and former Bemidji State goaltender Orlando Alamano.

Our one gripe: the prize. All three men won 46-inch flat screen HDTVs for their efforts, which, compared to the feat, seems like they deserve more. Big screen HDTVs are swell and all, but please recall the New York Islanders fan who sunk a similar shot (though from the far blue line) last year and won himself $30,000 credit towards a new car. Also recall the 11-year old who successfully made a center ice shot in August that won him and his family $50,000 until it was learned he and his twin brother switched places at the last minute.

Or you could be Brenda Hewitt, who last night at the Akwesasne Warriors Federal Hockey League game won a 2011 Ford F-150 with this attempt (s/t Richard E. for the video):

Have any of your ever been selected to take one of these shots? How badly did you fail?

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