Tyler Seguin returns to Twitter, lets a guy tee off from his groin at golf classic (Video)

Harrison Mooney
July 18, 2014

Tyler Seguin famously quit Twitter about a year ago after a series of unfortunate tweets, not to mention some serious heat in the wake of his trade from the Boston Bruins to the Dallas Stars. Seemed best to go quiet for awhile, and let his on-ice play do the talking (as opposed to his idiot friends, whenever he left his phone unattended).

On Tuesday, the Dallas centre made his grand return to Twitter to help promote the The Fourth Period's Charity Golf Classic, which was hosted by Seguin on Thursday.

Thanks, TFP Charity Golf Classic, for getting an actual, interesting hockey personality back on Twitter.

And while we're at it, thanks as well for this Instagram video in which Seguin lets a golfer tee off from his junk. Seriously.

It tickled, apparently.

The fact that he felt anything is terrifying, frankly. Consider this further proof that hockey players are braver than I am. No one's teeing off from my junk. That's not what it's for. That's what grass is for.

Can you imagine if the guy had missed? And Seguin had missed time with a groin injury because he let some dude drive his ball 400 yards? That cup he's wearing is almost adorably naive. It's not protecting jack.

This isn't the first time we've written about Tyler Seguin's junk. Recall back in April when we discovered that you could purchase one of his game-used jocks on eBay. Will this modified jock, with its tee holder, make its way onto the online auction site next? Whatever weirdo bought the last one can only hope.