Tim Thomas says he has ‘full and unwavering support’ of Bruins teammates

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GATINEAU, Quebec -- When Tim Thomas said on Monday evening that his statement on Facebook would be his final comment on the issue of him skipping the Boston Bruins' trip to the White House to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship, he meant it.

Thomas didn't play Tuesday against the Washington Capitals and wasn't available to speak to the media before or after the game.

On Thursday night, after Team Chara selected Thomas with its second pick in the 2012 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, TSN's James Duthie opened up his interview with the Bruins goaltender by asking about the biggest story of the week and if he believed the issue would get as big as it did.

"I followed my conscience," said Thomas. "I'm extremely grateful for all the support I've gotten from my teammates, fans and friends. I said in that statement that would be the only time I would be addressing that topic. We're here in Ottawa to celebrate the game of hockey and I'm just extremely excited to be a part of that."

Thomas wasn't done being questioned. During a post-draft media availability, three of his five questions were on the subject.

When asked if his teammates have ribbed him at all since Monday, Thomas cut off ESPN's Scott Burnside, saying very directly,"They've given me their full and unwavering support and I really appreciate that."

Despite Thomas' obvious desire to move on, the very next question, about the issue taking on a life of its own, was met with a very sharp "no comment."

And when the final question came, again about the White House snub, Thomas stuck to his guns.

"I did address it," said Thomas. "Everything I said in my statement was what I believe to be absolute truth.

"I don't believe I need to revisit something that I stated so clearly."

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