Teemu Selanne could make $5 million just to play home games

Greg Wyshynski
August 7, 2014
Teemu Selanne could make $5 million just to play home games

Teemu Selanne could become The Undertaker. 

As ‘Taker got older, his mandatory appearances for the WWE decreased to basically “show up on MONDAY NIGHT RAW for six weeks” and then compete at Wrestlemania. For this, he was compensated handsomely, which is nice when you consider the ever-rising cost of coffins.

Selanne, 44, is debating whether to continue his hockey career for another season in the KHL with Jokerit, the Finnish team for whom he first played. And they’ve given him some enticement, according to journalist Juha Hiitela: $10 million for next season.

Or, he could become The Undertaker: There’s also a $5 million offer on the table if Selanne only plays half the season, joining confetti cannons and 50/50 raffles as staples of the Jokerit home game experience.

(That’s 30 games in the KHL schedule.)

Selanne has been rumored to play for Jokerit since the start of his final NHL season, and has said he’s considering the team’s offers. As anyone that watched him struggle with the Anaheim Ducks and excel in Sochi can testify, perhaps a reduced schedule with no travel would be best for the sniper at this stage of his career.

Also, getting over $166,000 US per game to play in your backyard 27 times is pretty baller.