Taking Stanley Cup back from NHL; listen to a Newfie NHL Lockout Song (THE VENT)

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Following the lead of Alberta MP Brent Rathgeber, Dave Morton wants to see Canada take back the Stanley Cup from the NHL:

Given the way the NHL has treated the Fans, I suggest the Government of Canada should take back control of the Stanley Cup!

Removing the NHL cronies from the Trust that is responsible for looking after the Stanley Cup, and insert a cross section of Canadians that have a true interest in the game of hockey, not just making money! Then allow the Stanley Cup to be awarded to the Team or League that is most deserving of winning it. Hey, what about awarding it to the winners of The IIHF world championship, men and women? Wouldn't that be a good legacy for Bettman's 20 yr. tenure as Commissioner of the NHL....

Boycotting the games won't work, since many fans will continue to go anyway, and in the case of most of the original 6, they're all big business season ticket holders anyway.

Bettman and company have proven they couldn't care less about the fans, they just want more of our money. Locking out the NHLPA is a legitimate method of dealing with an unreasonable union when all else fails. But, it should not be used just because Bettman says you accept our first ridiculous offer, or we take our ball and go home. Bettman has two interests; one is money and the other driving force is to CONTROL. Unfortunately, Donald Fehr and the NHLPA aren't cooperating so far.

If all, or most Canadians wrote to their Municipal, Provincial, and Federal representatives, it just might happen.

I can't think of better way to deliver the message to Bettman and company, than to take back the Stanley Cup!

Yeah, let's all calm down about the "take back the Stanley Cup" stuff, kay?

Franky Dickinson has a short, sweet bit of advice for NHL fans:

All NHL fans should immediately un-follow / un-friend / un-listen to all NHL Teams / Players on social media.

Bettman and all the NHL / NHLPA use Social Media tracking to see how well the sheep (sorry, fans) are reacting and following.

A fast and steady decline in their social media numbers are a show that we're getting tired of this.

Until we all come back and follow them again, of course.

Aaron Skilken watched a SF Bulls team play at the Shark Tank, and feels rather teased:

Seeing the SF Bulls play hockey at the Shark Tank was like planning the perfect date for you and your beautiful girlfriend, then she suddenly breaks up with you, and instead of giving up your dinner reservations, you bring a cheap hooker.

Last night I attended the "historic" San Francisco Bulls game at HP Pavilion. Seeing the hype of the event over the various social media networks, and managing to get my hands on a free pair of tickets, I was truly excited for the event. I didn't think I was going to see a sell out game in The Tank in 2012, but this was my chance.

On a rainy Monday night, I wondered how many people were going to actually show up for a minor league game: 12,881. Nearly 5k less people than the stadium can hold. The crowd, mostly unfamiliar with the Bulls, didn't seem too excited about the game. In fact, the loudest cheer of the night was when Ryane Clowe, who is coaching the Bulls, was shown on the jumbotron.

Season ticket holders could be seen catching up with their neighbors most people in beer lines were talking about lockout this, Bettman that, not about the game that was being played. When I got up to get a beer at the end of the second period, I saw a huge outpouring of fans leaving the arena, leaving attendance noticeably lower for the 3rd period. This was not for lack of entertainment; in fact, their were 4 fights in the first 30 minutes of the game, and it was a high scoring affair.

So why did people leave early? They missed their Sharks. While my friend and I were walking up to the arena, we were taking about how awkward it would feel watching another team play on Shark's ice. We thought it would be like cheating on your spouse, but we were wrong.

Although the game was enjoyable, and the remaining crowd got into the game and excited for the Bulls during their attempted comeback, I left highly dissatisfied.

Everyone there knew what they wanted tonight, and they knew they couldn't get it. It was hockey, but it wasn't the team I really wanted to see play. It was great seeing people back in the arena they loved, supporting the local business, but nobody got what the really wanted.

Angela finished her message with this line: “STOP BEING JERKS…” The rest of the message:

It’s taken just about 90 days or so for it to happen but I have given up hope and I am on the verge of officially hating the NHL. It’s not worth my time and it definitely is not worth the money that I spend every year on season tickets, which have gone up every year while the ‘perks’ have diminished. It is going to take a whole lot more than stenciling ‘Thank You Fans’ on a sheet of ice this time around.

Finally, here’s Pat Doyle with a Newfie NHL Lockout Song: