Sunday Comics: The lockout could have been avoided edition

The Sunday Comics are the best part of the newspaper, even if you're one of those losers that follows the adventures of Mark Trail. They arrive here on Puck Daddy on occasional Sunday mornings to make you spit coffee.

The work of Dave Delisle has made its way onto Puck Daddy multiple times. A diehard hockey fan, his website, Dave's Geeky Hockey, is full of cool stuff for puckheads. Like most hockey fans, Dave finds the lockout distressing. "My biggest frustration with the impending NHL lockout," he says, "is that both parties were really slow in getting to the bargaining table. I mean, they only had 7 years to avert this, but for whatever reason didn't start CBA talks until 3 months before today's (Sept 15) deadline."

Dave has expressed his frustration through comic and was kind enough to share it with us. Enjoy.

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