Stanley Cupcakes: How Puck Daddy devoured all 16 playoff teams (Video)

Before the playoffs, the National Hockey League sent out a giant Stanley Cup-shaped coffin of cupcakes to the media, having partnered with Crumbs Bake Shop this season.

We received one, and frankly didn’t know what to do with it. So we did the only logical thing: Freeze the little buggers, and thaw them whenever one of the playoff teams was eliminated so we could devour them in delicious tribute.

And to capture the entire thing on film, of course. If you follow the Puck Daddy Facebook page, you’ve seen 15 little pastries eaten during the playoffs, with varying degrees of whimsy.

With the Chicago Blackhawks crowned as champs, our Stanley Cupcake Devouring series comes to a dramatic end. Coming up: The full 16-cupcake annihilation including the debut of the Blackhawks’ cupcake devouring.

Special thanks to Thuzio for their help on this project, i.e. a place where you can have very famous athletes send video greetings. You’ll see why …

And here … we … go.

Vancouver Canucks

Montreal Canadiens and Minnesota Wild

St. Louis Blues

New York Islanders

Anaheim Ducks

Toronto Maple Leafs

Washington Capitals

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

Detroit Red Wings

San Jose Sharks

Pittsburgh Penguins

Los Angeles Kings

Boston Bruins

And finally, the Chicago Blackhawks!

Awesome work by Brandon Bollig of the Blackhawks to finish off the cupcake series. Puck Daddy readers can get a video like this one from an athlete on Thuzio for $99. They’re great for birthdays or for Fantasy Hockey champions to gloat to the rest of the league. Check it out here.

Thanks to NHL for the cupcakes, girlfriend for technical assistance, iMovie for all of its editorial glories and the Puck Daddy readers for not vomiting during closeup views of me eating desserts.